woman in black jacket against blue wall


Kita Roberts

This is more than just playing with meat. Its brains and beauty combined with a bit of whiskey fueled sass combined to deliver the best content for aspiring bbq junkies and meat addicts across the globe. Kita Roberts is a meat maven who’s not afraid to get a little grit under her nails and get wild with food and dive deep into the relationships that get it from pasture to plate.

Girl Carnivore is one girls dream of butchering, stuffing and grinding her own hard earned bounty. Once upon a time, the open flame and wood smoker were deemed man’s territory, but Kita proves that’s a thing of the past. To show women how to roll up their sleeves and get a little grease under those fingernails. And most of all, that like anything, playing with your meat is only complicated until you get the stones to whip it out and get dirty.